There are many ways to describe or to define a book, but we believe it is one of the most valuable products of the human soul. Whether it is a descriptive novel, a Sci – Fi story or a romantic poem, in the end it represents a reflection of the reality filtered through the mind of the author. A book translates into words the beauty of our consciousness by reflecting our thoughts and impressions about life experiences and it turns itself into a true legacy of our spirit. It is also an expression of unselfishness, as the authors are sharing this legacy with their fellow friends, the readers.

Our society is evolving rapidly from old fashioned brick and mortar traditions to faster, easier and more efficient ways of doing almost everything. Books are no exception, so we are witnessing today a true
revolution in writing and reading. Books that are published electronically, or eBooks as they are called, are more and more popular, due to a number of factors that make them easier to write, faster to reach their readers and more efficient to be distributed worldwide.

Change doesn’t come easy, but as long as it follows a well defined path along the evolution of our society, it will prevail and in the end it will turn up with great improvements for our lives. This is what CyberCay is about, a small step in this path of evolution, a place for serenity and peace of mind for book lovers. Whether you are an author who just wants to write a book, without the need to worry about how to make it available to the world, or if you are a reader that is just hungry for more and more books, CyberCay is the right place to be.

Here you will find the easiest and the most convenient way to publish an eBook, with the possibility to reach millions of readers almost instantly. Also, you will find books to read in all the electronic formats available today so you can take everywhere the legacy of the authors’ minds. The most powerful tool in our world is the word, so writing reviews is strongly encouraged. Write about the books, speak your mind, tell what you think and share it with others.

With this in mind, we invite you to browse our bookshelf, pick a book and read it. And above all, if you have a book of your own you would like to share with the rest of us, please do so. It has never been easier to have it published.

Please enjoy your stay with us!

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